Reading - We listened to the digital text "The very hungry caterpillar"  to respond to the text by discussing the caterpillars food choices.  In pairs we made a personal response about what we thought about the very hungry caterpillars food choices.

Here are some of our book reviews. We were trying to retell the story. We tried really hard to learn our poem of the week and read it with fluency. We have been learning to read the big book "It's my bread". We were learning about speech marks.
It's My Bread from Kiralee Morris on Vimeo.
This term we are learning to write.  We have been learning to draw a picture, talk about the picture and copy under the teacher's writing.
These are our thoughts about "What is learning" and photos of "Room 1 learning together"

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  1. I like it how you guys work hard and stay on task
    Well done!!