Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NZ vs Italy

Check out our movie that was screened today at the Film Festival. It features all of the children in Room 1. We love getting your feedback, so feel free to leave us a comment.


  1. Hi Room 1,
    Your movie is sooo cute!!!! I can't believe the All Blacks LOST to Italy! Do you think that if the All Blacks played Italy they would win? I think they because they are so good at rugby!! My favourite part was when Italy won the weet-bix war! Keep it up!!


  2. Hi,

    I really liked you guys act.
    My favorite part is the eating part.GO ALL BLACK AND ITALY.

  3. Hello Room 1,

    Your movie is so hilarious and cute!!! I can see you put heaps of effort into that movie. Keep up the fantastic movies!

    From Thea

  4. WoW I liked your movie about the rugby The All Blacks vs ltaly. I hope you enjoyed making your movie

  5. Hi room 1,

    Your movie is so CUTE!!!! It is funny as well. Love it is great. You should keep on making fantastic movies!!!

    From Mary at Pt England School

  6. Hi guys,
    I'm from pt.england school.
    Making a movie for film festivals is exciting.I could tell from the looks on your guys face.
    Your movie reminded me of the rugby world cup!!!
    I hope you had as much fun as we did making a movie.Your movie was aaaaammmmazing!!!

  7. ooh New Zealand lost but I like your movie it reminds me how to play rugby.Weatbix they are nice and healthy it makes my brain work better. GO NEW ZEALAND!!!

  8. Hey room 1 you guys rock, I loved when you played
    the rugby scene that was so funny. That was a cute movie. Keep it up, well done.

  9. Hi Room 1,

    I felt so hungry when you ate your Weet-Bix.
    My favorite part was when you played rugby.
    What was your favorite part?

    Well Keep it up!!

  10. Hi room 1 your movie was so awesome and funny. my favorite part was eating the weet-bix, that was the funnest part in the movie. Were you proud of doing your part in the movie?

    By Levi.

  11. Hello Room 1,

    My name is Josephine from point england school.

    What a very cool movie you guys have put effort into.
    It must have been lots and lots of hard work eating all those spaghetti and Weet - Bix.

    Will there be another game?

    Keep up the good work and hope to see more work.

  12. Hello room 1

    That was a great movie and funny to. I really like the part how they were playing ripper rugby and there was this kid who was crazy that they won. Go all blacks and Italy.

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  14. I i like the the part of your movie when you were eating newsed because you were putting it in your mount and it was on your mount i like you movie it is so funny.

  15. Very interesting Room 1. I liked it when the challenge was on.Who painted your faces?. I liked the ideas you guys had about eating the Weet-Bix.

  16. Hi room 1 I really liked the movie you guys made. My funniest part in the movie was when you were eating. I had fun watching your movie. From Uili.

  17. Hi room 1,

    Your movie is so cute! I cant believe that NZ lost to Italy. Keep up the great work.

    From Kashya

  18. Hi room 1,

    I've seen your movie and it is so cool. It is really cute!!! When did you make this movie it is so amazing? My favourite part was how you guys were playing rugby.

    Love from Iron

  19. Hey room one you did a great movie
    My favorite part was when you played the eating game.
    You did a great job!
    What part did you like doing the best?

  20. Hi Room 1,

    Your movie was so Awesome!!!! It was so sad when the All Blacks didn't win Against Italy. If the real All Blacks were here they would actually win? I think they would because they are great at rugby!!! My favourite part was when the All Blacks almost won but just lost against Italy. Nice Try All Blacks! Keep up the good work Room 1, Bye.

  21. HI Room 1 rock stars,

    Your movie is so cool.My favorite part is the eating part.Have ever seen Italy and the All Blacks play for real life?.When I was a little boy I use to play rugby, but it is not rugby it is rugby leauge.Who is your best rugby player?, my one is Cory Jane.Go the All Blacks!!!Bye, have a good year.

    From Sosaia, Point England School.

  22. Hi Room 1
    I like how you ate the wetbicks it was so funny

  23. Hi Room 1,

    Wow!! That was a great movie. I felt very hungry that that I said" Mmmm yum" Go Italy .My favourite part was when you played rugby what was you favorite part?

    From Sela

  24. Hi room 1

    Your movie was awesome.
    My favourite part was when Italy won the weet bix battle.
    You are so cute.

    Love from Aldora.

  25. Hello my name is Ana

    I like how you did your movies I love it and.It was cool and fun keep it up.

  26. Hey room1 your video was so cool can't wait
    until you make anther one.
    My favourite part was the rugby game

  27. Hi Rm 1,

    I really enjoyed your movie about Italy vs NZ. Imagine if NZ had to play against Italy in 2015!!

    My favourite part was when you had to eat the spegetti and when you scored those tries!

    You can visit my blog anytime.


  28. Hi Panmure Bridge,

    That was the coolest eating competition in the whole world,that was spectacular!!!

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  30. Hi Room 1
    That was very cool but I think New Zealand should of won.
    From Sarai

  31. Hi room 1 that's so amazing that your mouth was blowing out on the noodles it looks full for you room1

  32. I think your movie is cool. You are very creative. like the part when you ate the weet-bix.

  33. Hi room 1
    I just finished watching your movie and I really liked it
    from Brooklyn in room 9 at pt england

  34. Sefesi F - St Pius x SchoolNovember 9, 2011 at 2:35 PM

    I like the way that you act in your movie. You have made a great movie for the film festival. We have enjoyed it.

  35. Hi room 1
    I just finshed watching your movie and it was so amazing and funny. I was saying "go New Zealand" by lorenzo in room 9

  36. Hi Room 1. I like the cool moves you have put into the awesome movie. I thought it was the best in the Manaiakalani Film Festival.

  37. Meleseini-st puisXNovember 9, 2011 at 2:42 PM

    I like the part when the all black win's
    and my favorite part is the eating.

  38. Hi Rm1,
    I l liked your movie. It was cool when New Zealand and France had noodles and wheatbix competitions,
    from Tylah

  39. Congratulations Room 1 on a Rocking movie. It was a hit with the audience as you can see from all the lovely comments you received. My favourite part was when you raced around the Sky Tower and the Leaning tower of Pisa! You did a great job of making the audience guess what was coming at the start of that section.

    You are so talented, I can't wait to see your next movie.

    Mrs Burt

  40. Kia Ora Room 1,

    I loved your movie what great supporters you were. I have never seen anyone eat spaghetti so fast!!
    I can't wait to see your next movie. What are you learning about this Term?

    Mrs Nua
    Pt England School

  41. Great movie Room 1. It looks like you had a lot of fun making it and learned lots on the way. I liked the way you celebrated your wins Italy! Bravo.

  42. Hi Room 1,

    I enjoyed watching your movie. A special congratulations to the presenters who did a wonderful job on the day and also on the night. My favourite part was the Spaghetti eating competition. Keep up the great movie making.

    From Miss Paton

  43. Hi Room2

    I like your movie it looks so cute and cool and its funny to.

  44. Hi room1

    You are so cute I loved watching your movie. I loved How Pj scored a try.

    you have a cool teacher no wonder you got 42 comments

    By Isabella in room5

  45. WOW I really like your Week-Bix competition I will go for new Zealand cause they won the RWC 2011

  46. What a wonderful, original script. This movie was really entertaining and everyone around us in the theatre loved it. Congratulations Room 1 - you did your school proud. from Ms Hansell (Tamaki Primary)

  47. Thank you everyone for your positive comments and the time you have all taken to comment on our blog about our movie. Room 1 certainly enjoyed creating this movie and we are very happy that it made people laugh. Our favorite scenes were the weet-bix and spaghetti eating competition. N.Z will definitely have to have a re-match with Italy!!!
    (Room 1 and Miss Morris)

  48. Hi Room 1. I'm glad you made a movie based on the RWC. What a great script. You won the hearts of the audience.

  49. Hi Rooom 1,

    Wow! you all are such adorable!
    I was hoping that the All Blacks will win.
    I think your movie was the best. I also agree that you are all great rugby players.
    My highlight was the Weet-Bix competition.

  50. I loved your movie and go New Zealand your movie just blew me right off my seat the first time I saw it.

  51. thats a cool movie but next time make the all blacks win

  52. Hi room 1 I really liked your movie! My favorite part was when they had their running challenge around The Sky Tower and the Eiffel Tower next time you should have a new challenge like first one to say a sentence in their language

  53. Hi Room 1,

    I like the team challenges.Those really look fun to do as very good challenges.But next time you can make the All Blacks "WIN".

  54. nice i like it when you guys vs each other keep doing your good work !!!

  55. Great video, I like the part when NZ get the scores.
    Next time can you make NZ win?

  56. Hey room 1,
    i really liked your movie I thought it was funny and so cute. Keep up the great movies, I hope to see some more amazing movies next year.

  57. Hey Room 1,

    That was such an awesome movie you guys made!! I seriously loved it! You acting was very good. The spaghetti eating part was hilarious! I absolutely loved watching your movie! Keep up the great work!


  58. Hello room1,

    I really loved your movie it was awesome my favorite part is when you guys vs each other at eating noodles. Keep up all the good work that you do in room1.And it was absolutely hilarious.


  59. Hi that was awesome I hope yous can make another next year.

  60. Hi Miss Morris it's me Alex from Glenbrae school. I like your movie it's a bit funny. Did you know I had a blog?

  61. CAITLIN AND LAVINIADecember 5, 2011 at 2:38 PM

    Hi room 1 we really enjoyed watching your All Blacks vs Italy it is amazing you should be PROUD of your self

    By Caitlin and Lavinia

  62. That was a good challenge,maybe you could add on some more things to do on your movies.

    By RJ

  63. This was a really funny Movie it was so cool I really loved it.