Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gymnastics Time

We are having fun learning our gymnastics skills this term. Our coach is Flameneo from Tri Star Gymnastics Club. Can you name our gymnastics skills?


  1. Cool Room 1
    It looks like you had a bunch of fun.
    Looks like you learned some really cool moves.

  2. Hi Room 1
    It looks like you had a lot of fun. I bet you have some new moves to show everyone. Great work, Keep it up.

  3. Hi room 1
    i like your gymnastics it looks so fun you must off had a great gymnastic teacher keep up the great exercise

  4. Cool Room 1

    Its looks like you kids had alot of fun. Hope youv'e learnt something new.
    Hope your enjoying your new class Matarake.

  5. Hi room 1

    I really like your work and I hope you are enjoying. Keep it up the great work.
    From Saruja

  6. This looks really cool rooom 1 and I wish that I was there with you.

  7. Hi Room 1,

    Iike your photos keep it up from Bradley

  8. Hi room 1

    I really really like your photos it really cool and exciting to see how much fun your having during this class.

    Thank you

    Tatiana Taufa

  9. Hi room 1
    You are doing a great job at gymnastic. There where lots of cool photos too.

  10. Hey Room 1!

    I really hope you all like Gymnastic it must be so much FUN with Gymnastics!
    The photo's look like you's had so Much FUN doing some Gymnastics!

    Deziree! Rm6

  11. Monique van VeenJuly 11, 2014 at 9:25 AM

    Hi room 1! Thank you so much for hosting my friends and I from Rotary Club last week. We had a great time playing with you, Jarrod and I really liked skipping, you are all so good! I hope you all have a wonderful school holiday and a great term 3!
    From Monique (one of the Rotary Youth Leadership Awardees)

  12. Hi Room 1
    I don't know any of the skills but I like how you are enjoying your self.

  13. Hi room 1?
    I really your blasting keep up the good work.

  14. Hi Room 1
    I really like your gymnastics it sounds nice to me i think i can do gymnastics like your Room 1 keep the good leaning